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Frequently Asked Questions


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Application Process

Cybersecurity startups or machine learning startups.

These information security threads excite us: 

  1. Cloud Security
  2. Mobile Security 
  3. Threat Intelligence 
  4. Security Analytics/SIEM
  5. Transaction Security
  6. IoT Security 
  7. Infrastructure Security 
  8. Endpoint Security 
  9. Application Security 
  10. Identity & Access Management

These machine learning threads excite us:

  1. Healthcare
  2. Virtual Reality 
  3. Finance 
  4. Entertainment & Gaming 
  5. Natural Language Processing 
  6. Transportation 
  7. Manufacturing 
  8. Retail 
  9. Advertising 
  10. Energy

Note that our interests are NOT limited to these areas. We are interested in any information security and machine learning start-up not within these categories with commercial potential.



You can fill out the application found here: http://cyberlaunch.vc/?q=apply-now



A review committee will select the most promising companies to participate in the accelerator. Following review, applicants will be notified for in-person or video interviews. Teams will be evaluated based on focus area, founder background and track record, stage of the company, addressable market size and value proposition.



Sure, CyberLaunch is always open to talking to potential teams about their ideas.



CyberLaunch provides companies with:

1) Business Value – we are focused on taking startups with great products/ideas related to information security and machine learning, and help them focus on building customer traction, scaling to a very repeatable business process, creating and maximizing value in the software space.

2) Deep Expertise- we have a world class network of mentors & subject matter experts in information security, machine learning, business, marketing, and many partners to assist the startups in our portfolio. Our intense curriculum covers many of the standard startup issues and how to resolve them, and it is especially designed for information security and machine learning startups. 

3) Growth Capital - we connect startups in our accelerator with the Venture Capital & Angel Investor community on CyberLaunch Demo Day, so that proper funding can be secured to scale the startups that go through our accelerator. We also provide up to $100,000 upon acceptance into CyberLaunch.

We provide all this for roughly 7% equity through a SAFE Financing Document. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us. 



Yes. The money we provide is only a small part of the accelerator. Our goal is to get you to the point where you’ve built something impressive enough to raise money on a larger scale. We get our startups incorporated properly, help find and hire first employees, and many other things.



Yes, all companies participating in the accelerator will be required to live in Atlanta. One founding member from each company is required to be physically present in our accelerator.

We are exploring various options for startups that can't attend all 12 weeks so don't let this be the one thing stopping you from applying.



We will provide your company with co-working space but not individual office space. You will be able to schedule meetings in our space or reserve one of the co-working conference rooms. If you need separate office space, we will provide you with a list of offices we recommend (Atlanta Tech Village, Industrious, Tech Square Labs and WeWork).



No, we don’t sign NDAs. We see many ideas that are often similar in nature. Though ideas and intellectual property are important, the companies who come out on top are typically those who can execute more quickly and efficiently than their competitors.



No. If your startup is accepted, our legal partner will complete all documents to form your company.



Startups will pitch to investors during our Demo Day at the end of the accelerator. Relevant angels, venture capital firms and industry corporations will hear teams pitch. If there is interest, these investors will initiate contact with the teams after Demo Day. We also work with teams after the accelerator to help receive follow-on funding.



We do not ask for detailed IP information and there is no reason you should have to disclose this to us if you are uncomfortable doing so.


General Inquiry


Find our team at this link.


Our office is located in Technology Square - Georgia’s ground zero for innovation. Visit www.cyberlaunch.vc/contact for the address and directions. 


Atlanta is a booming city for cybersecurity and machine learning companies. For security, there have been quite a few exits over the years (the two most known are ISS - IBM, $1.3B/2006 Airwatch - VMWare, $1.4B/2014). Georgia Tech also has a booming machine learning community with over 30 faculty members with deep expertise in this area (note our office is located next to Georgia Tech). 

Atlanta is also very affordable to start a company. Real estate and the cost of living is inexpensive relative to most major cities without compromising infrastructure of networks. Your money will go further in our accelerator.


Internship Opportunities


Absolutely! Note that we are looking for anyone who is passionate about Information Security or Machine Learning Startups. This could include undergrad students, grad students, entrepreneurs, people within industry, etc. If you are interested in information security or machine learning startups and have ideas as to how you may be able to contribute to CyberLaunch, we want to talk to you.

If your passion aligns with our vision and are interested in joining our team as an intern, please apply online here: http://cyberlaunch.vc/intern


Demo Day


Our Summer 16' Demo Day will be on August 25, 2016. Please visit demoday.cyberlaunch.vc for more information.