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Allen Harper, PhD

Executive VP & Chief Hacker at Tangible Security

Dr. Harper has over 25 years of IT/Security experience, specializing in penetration testing, vulnerability discovery, and network security. Prior to Tangible, he founded and served as President of N2 Net Security, Inc. In 2007, Dr. Harper retired from the Marine Corps after a tour in Iraq where he was responsible for all computers in Western Iraq. He taught penetration testing for the US Navy and US Air Force. In the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA), he led honeypot procurement and operations, including the 3rd generation honeywall project called Roo. Dr. Harper also served as a security consultant for the Internal Revenue Service and the Navy Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command. He was a faculty member of the Institute for Applied Network Security and has also taught and presented at conferences such as Black Hat, DefCon, and Techno. Dr. Harper is the lead author of "Gray Hat Hacking, The Ethical Hacker's Handbook" (4th Edition) and is an author of "Security Information Event Management." 

Dr. Harper holds a PhD in IT with specialty in Information Assurance and Security from Capella, a Master of Science in Computer Science from the Naval Post Graduate School and a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering from North Carolina State University.