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John Lanza

Partner at Foley & Lardner LLP

John Lanza is a partner and intellectual property lawyer with Foley & Lardner LLP where he excels at helping companies identify and maximize the corporate value of their intellectual property assets. He provides strategic advice to his clients regarding the acquisition, transfer and enforcement of intellectual property rights and counsels them regarding their business operations in the face of adverse intellectual property rights. Mr. Lanza is co-chair of the firm’s Manufacturing Industry Team, and is also a member of the firm's Electronics Practice and the Technology Industry Team.

He has counseled hundreds of start-ups and dozens of more established companies in a wide range of matters including:

  • Successfully defended a European patent central to a portfolio protecting a novel printed circuit board fabrication technology facilitating the reduction of the number of discrete elements required
  • Directs worldwide patent portfolio strategy for preeminent manufacturer of computer network software
  • Performed a comprehensive intellectual property landscape review on behalf of a major software manufacturer and counseled the company on product introduction issues identified by the review
  • Developed and implemented portfolio strategy for MIT Media Lab spinoff that manufactures electrophoretic display technologies
  • Counseled leading manufacturer of semiconductor devices concerning broad assertion of infringement made against digital signal processing line of products
  • Successfully requested reexamination of United States patent directed to use of multiple prime factors in public key cryptography
  • Performed a comprehensive intellectual property landscape review on behalf of a manufacturer of entertainment software and counseled the company with respect to final design before launch of product
  • Advised potential acquirer of software assets regarding valuation of assets during live auction in United States Bankruptcy Court
  • Developed technical strategy forming the basis for Citrix Systems, Inc’s successful defense against claims that its Meta Frame networking product infringed a patent held by plaintiff. Mr. Lanza’s strategy resulted in a summary judgment ruling of non-infringement. Orenshteyn v. Citrix Systems, Inc. SD Fl
  • Developed technical strategy forming basis for RSA Security Inc.’s defense against claims that its SecurID® computer security product infringed three patents designed to prevent unauthorized use of a computer. After a three-day Markman hearing, the Court granted summary judgment that the SecurID® product did not infringe any claim of the asserted patents. Digital Privacy, Inc v. RSA Security Inc., ED Va 2002
  • Defended RSA Security Inc. in patent infringement action relating to RSA's RC6 encryption algorithm. Luyster v. RSA Security Inc., D Mass