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Wendell Brown

Chairman, Next Ventures Inc.

Wendell Brown is an American computer scientist, entrepreneur and inventor best known for his innovations in Internet, cybersecurity, telecommunications, smartphone app development, and energy efficiency technologies. Brown has founded notable technology companies including Teleo, LiveOps, Nularis, eVoice, and Cloudwear.

Brown is a pioneer of the work-at-home, virtual workforce industry, having co-founded LiveOps as its chairman and chief technology officer from 2001. In 2013, the company employed the world's largest work-at-home call agent workforce with more than 20,000 agents, and its cloud platform had processed more than one billion minutes of customer service interactions. LiveOps designs call center solutions and social media management for Coca-Cola, Pizza Hut, and eBay.

In 2014, Brown co-founded Cloudwear, which develops cybersecurity solutions, wearable technology, and artificial intelligence smartphone apps. In 2015, the company introduced its cybersecurity solution on the main stage of the TED Conference in Vancouver, Canada. Samsung and Telefónica have announced technology partnerships with Cloudwear.

Brown co-founded Nularis Energy Solutions in 2010, a developer and supplier of high-efficiency LED lighting technology. Nularis LED clients include Hyatt Hotels, Four Seasons Hotels and The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. Brown serves as chairman of Nularis.

As a Silicon Valley angel investor, Brown has helped raise funding for notable startup companies including Appeo, ADISN, MOEO, and IronPort. IronPort was acquired by Cisco Systems in 2007 for US$830 million. 

Brown co-founded Walksoftly, an early leader in the security/anti-virus business. Walksoftly was acquired by Intel, through the acquisition of CyberMedia. Brown has held security clearances and has worked in the areas of encryption, blockchains, and other security-related sectors. Brown co-founded Teleo, an early competitor of Skype, where he created VoIP applications enabling users to send and receive phone calls over the Internet. Teleo was acquired by Microsoft in 2005 and became part of Microsoft's MSN group.

As co-founder and chairman of eVoice from 1999, Brown created the eVoice voicemail platform, the world's first large-scale, Internet-enabled voicemail system. He invented techniques such as voicemail-to-email, visual voicemail, and enhanced caller ID, innovations that are considered some of the earliest "apps", and which were later deployed by Google Voice and Apple. eVoice supplied voicemail solutions to AT&T, MCI, AOL, and regional phone companies. eVoice was acquired by AOL Time-Warner in 2001 and became part of the AOL voice services group.

A prolific inventor, Brown has invented more than 100 U.S. and internationally patented inventions in the fields of cybersecurity, telecommunications, mobile phone apps, virtual workforce, electric vehicles, LED lighting, 3D cameras, renewable fuels, and online music distribution. Brown's telecommunications technologies have been used to connect more than 1 billion minutes of phone calls, and are used in millions of voicemail accounts.