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What value does the CyberLaunch program provide to my startup?


CyberLaunch provides companies with:

1) Business Value – we are focused on taking startups with great products/ideas related to information security and machine learning, and help them focus on building customer traction, scaling to a very repeatable business process, creating and maximizing value in the software space.

2) Deep Expertise- we have a world class network of mentors & subject matter experts in information security, machine learning, business, marketing, and many partners to assist the startups in our portfolio. Our intense curriculum covers many of the standard startup issues and how to resolve them, and it is especially designed for information security and machine learning startups. 

3) Growth Capital - we connect startups in our accelerator with the Venture Capital & Angel Investor community on CyberLaunch Demo Day, so that proper funding can be secured to scale the startups that go through our accelerator. We also provide up to $100,000 upon acceptance into CyberLaunch.

We provide all this for roughly 7% equity through a SAFE Financing Document. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.